TechLaw Crossroads is a no bullshit tech/law blog written mainly by me, a lawyer who practiced as a partner with a large law firm for the better part of 30 years. I was a trial lawyer mainly in mass tort, and, later in data breach, cyber, privacy and cyber insurance areas. I know what its like to be in the trenches when crap hits the fan in the middle of the night on the eve of a trial, and when your client starts screaming and your partners start scheming.

For several years, I have been fascinated by technology and how it practically impacts both the practice of law, our everyday lives, and the law itself. TechLaw Crossroads is all about the tension between technology and innovation on one side and the law and practice of law on the other. It sits at the crossroads between the new and the old: its hard to imagine a greater clash of cultures than the disruption of tech and innovation and the traditional, precedent grounded legal profession. How do the judiciary, regulators, and legislatures grapple with new questions, issues, and nuances posed by technology and technological developments? What does technology mean in the context of the business as opposed to the substance of law? How will it change lawyers and the profession? And how do these two issues: change in the law itself and change in the practice of law—affect each other?
This blog explores relevant developments and issues that frame and illuminate that culture clash hopefully from a practical viewpoint of a longtime lawyer.  My goal is to be as interesting as I find the issues to be; to paraphrase John Waters, filmmaker and writer, I simply want to keep up with what’s causing chaos in our field.

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I am a frequent speaker, blogger, and writer on the impact of technology on the practice of law. I am currently Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association Law Technology Resource Center, an Editor of Law Practice Today Webzine and a member of the ABA’s Law Practice Futures Initiative. I am also co-author of a book entitled Mass Tort Claims Resolution Facilities and the 2017 and 2016 editions of the American Bar Association’sTechReports. I am Chair of the Data Breach, Privacy and Cyber Insurance Section of the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel. You can find me on LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook, and  Instagram.


Formerly a member of Frost Brown Todd LLC and the Firm’s class action, privacy and mass tort groups, I am a national litigator and advisor who is experienced in developing solutions to complex litigation and corporate problems. My mission is to find simple, successful and elegant solutions to civil litigation problems and dilemmas primarily in the mass tort, business and consumer class action, and privacy and data breach arenas. For most of my career, I specilized in the defense of mass tort actions.

I recently successfully completed the certification program to earn the title of Technology Master Advocate by the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel. I now practice with my own firm, embryLaw LLC.

In addition to practicing law, my passions include education, officiating swimming on national and local levels and all things tech and travel related. And, finally, he is unabashedly and unapologetically a University of Kentucky basketball fan.

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