I recently wrote and published a piece on my blog about the LexisNexis Product Navigator, an analytical program I thought was very impressive.

After I published that post, I learned more about the team at LexisNexis that put it together. The product was designed and built by the User Experience (UX) Group at LexisNexis and Michael Oberle, a Senior UX Designer II, along with the Product and Development Team. The UX team \includes UX Designers, UX researchers, and Visual and Product Designers.

Michael and I exchanged several messages about the product, which was his first while with LexisNexis. According to Oberle, the UX team, “used elements from Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Lean Business Canvas, SVPG training to make a new product in a new way. We started with subject matter experts that had experience in the industry and kept testing and refining with our potential users. In one stage, we let the users design their own dashboard. We continually refined the top tasks and the jobs to be done.”

From the beginning, Oberle told me his team was intent on providing a solution tested and designed with LexisNexis’ customers. Says Oberle, “We were very lucky that Mark Koussa has not only was excited by this but also had practiced Product Liability and brought in other attorneys to help us define the right problem.”

The UX Researchers on the project included Jeanette Fuccella and Thomas Furguson. It also included UX Designer Neil Prospect; Visual Designer Sarah Walker and in addition to Koussa, Product Managers Donald Lodge. The Engineering Lead was Hetal Sha.

Oberle told me he thought the UX process might have carved out a new system of building great products and that his team might have made a new model for creating law tools for lawyers. I think he’s right. Kudos Michael Oberle and team.