As we all are doing more and more online, it pays to make sure our online image is the best it can be. Most pros would suggest getting a webcam or an HD camera instead of using the standard camera that comes with your laptop or computer. But these can be hard to find and, get a good one, expensive.

But I recently came across a good and inexpensive substitute. It’s called iGlasses, and it’s downloadable software that will work with your Mac’s existing camera.

This software contains several lighting adjustments that can make you look better. These include such things as brightening adjustments, color corrections and temperature, tint, saturation contrast, and sharpness controls. It also has digital pan and zoom controls that give you the ability to zoom in for a tighter shot. These controls can be useful if you don’t want people to see too much of your background and focus more on you.
It also has some interesting and humorous effects you can use where appropriate.
To be honest, the picture quality is just about as good as that of my HD camera, for which I paid over $100
I have used this software frequently, and, to be honest, the picture quality is just about as good as that of my HD camera, for which I paid over $100. It’s easy to install and work with. It works with chrome-based communications tools like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Google Meet. And, of course, it works with Zoom. (Unfortunately, it does not work with Teams, at least at present).
You can try it for a week for free, and you can purchase it for the one time cost of $19.95. The website promises that the purchase price includes all future updates.
Right now, iGlasses only works with Mac and requires macOS 10.12 or newer. iGlasses is not compatible with FaceTime, Photo Booth, the latest version of Skype, and, as I said before, Teams. I think, though, it’s well worth it if you are going to be online and doing videos.
Photo Attribution: Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash